Evening with Vivienne

picture of Vivienne Westwood by Konrad Wyrebek

The other day me and my friend writer Matthew Miles met the inimitable Vivienne at an East End gallery, but it was packed and hard to talk. So it was cool to spend more time with her a few days later and shoot this portrait in Mayfair. She is an amazing woman, so honest and full of energy , You love her from the first time.Was nice to have a bit of a shared dig at A-list artists, and a really interesting chat about Active Resistance manifesto and climate changes. AR is growing by a word of mouth but Vivienne is starting to shout louder about climate change and shake up people's lethargy in a fashion leading kind of way. It was amazing to get know her a bit more and discover that we share so many points of view.now i can say i love her even more.