Artlyst review

""The most immediately striking piece in the show is by Konrad Wyrebek with his sculpture 'YYBKSLAVE' which explores the idea of personal body obsession as a New Religion."

(...) "During the private view for Flesh Reality, two live models (one of each gender) were blindfolded, undressed and tied onto two steel sculptures that Wyrebek has evolved from the deconstruction of a pentagram. It's a piece that evokes the uneasy relationship between rationality and fanatic belief, and also the consequences that 'perfect body' fanaticism may inflict on a 'believer's' mind and body. Wyrebek also shows two powerful monochrome paintings, 'Triumvirate I and II', that connect visually with Sarah Lucas' 'NUD' sculpture and that, despite their small size, have an energy and sense of nihilism that resonates long after you leave."